Sencha from Miyazaki 2: bliss, Oku-yutaka

This is the second tea from Miyazaki in my 2012 selection.
It is cast from a different mold than the preceding one. First, it is a futsumushi sencha (asamushi sencha). Beautiful dark green leaves, very smooth, relatively uniform, but not very big.

Fragrance that is both green and sweet, a good smell, like the spring.

To prepare this tea, no originality: my usual 5 g (1.5 tsp) / 70 ml (1/4 cup), 1 minute, with water at around 70°C (158°F).
From the beautiful yellow-green liquor that fills the cup rises a rich, mellow fragrance that almost recalls chocolate.

Do not be misled by the clarity of the liquor because it is rich in flavour, sweet and full. (I cannot say it often enough: the idea that futsumushi teas have little taste, whereas fukamushis are very strong is completely false. It is only a question of infusion parameters.)
The refreshing vegetal sencha aftertaste comes to the forefront after I have emptied the cup, too quickly as always.

Around 10 seconds with warmer water for the second infusion.
The liquor gets a little darker, becomes slightly clouded.

Still on the mellow side, the liquor becomes extremely airy, light. In fact, I think that it could be allowed to infuse 10 seconds longer to produce something stronger, but the third infusion would then lose a lot. It’s a choice.

Anyway, on to the third infusion: I increase the temperature again and let it steep for another minute.

The liquor becomes more transparent again, but at the same time gets a second wind.
A subtle astringency appears: just what is needed. In the background the flavour and fragrance become coloured with light touches of yellow fruits, which is of course a nice surprise in a third infusion.

This is another little treasure, and very reasonably priced, which comes to us from Kawaminami in Miyazaki Prefecture. Finally, the cultivar is Oku-yutaka, which I introduced in 2010 in the form of a fukamushi sencha from Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture. Voilà a cultivar that is proving to be versatile and perfect for pleasing green tea lovers.

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