Types of tea


Gyokuro is clearly a luxury high-end Japanese green tea. A real gyokuro (ie a gyokuro which is not a blend of gyokuro and kabuse-cha) is expensive. This tea is divine, well prepared, it is very strong and mellow, because extremely… Read More ›


This term officially includes two types of Japanese green tea, kama-iri sei tamaryoku-cha 釜 炒 り 製 玉 緑茶 (commonly called kama-iri cha) and mushi-sei tamaryoku-cha 蒸 し 製 玉 緑茶, but when speaks of ‘tamaryoku-cha’ we refer to the… Read More ›


Begin with Sencha an enumeration of the many types of Japanese teas  is nothing original, but it is the most logical thing when you know that it represents nearly 70% of Japanese tea production. It is on this that I… Read More ›