Tamaryokucha from Ureshino

If in the official classification gives “mushisei tamaryoku-cha” (= steamed tamaryoku-cha) and “kama-iri tamaryoku sei-cha” (= chinese style roasted tamaryoku-cha), more generally, when speaks of “tamaryoku-cha” (or “guri-cha”), it refers to the steamed version, then the roasted version is simply… Read More ›


This term officially includes two types of Japanese green tea, kama-iri sei tamaryoku-cha 釜 炒 り 製 玉 緑茶 (commonly called kama-iri cha) and mushi-sei tamaryoku-cha 蒸 し 製 玉 緑茶, but when speaks of ‘tamaryoku-cha’ we refer to the… Read More ›