Interviews & documents

Interviews and coverage about tea producing area and Japanese art craft.

Shizuoka, Mariko I : Sugiyama Yaeho

P1170523Coverage in Mariko (Shizuoka) where grow the very rare early cultivar Sugiyama Yaeho.




Encounter in Tokoname I : Shôryû : “my teapots are my treasures”

P1160824Encounter with Tojoname-yaki potter, Shôryû.




Banko-yaki, visit to Yokkaichi

P1160498Visit to potters in Yokkaichi, one of the most famous japanese kyusu tea pot artcraft area.



Landscape in Tamakawa

P1080513(1)Tamakawa is a mountainous area of Shizuoka, which is part of the famous Hon.yama tea producing area.



Bizen-yaki, the works of Nobuhara Katsushi

P1120256About the Bizen-yaki artist Nobuhara Katsushi



From Roppongi to Bizen

P1120209On the history of Bizen-yaki




Interview of genious tea grower Akiyama Katsuhide

Akiyama Katsuhide, tea growerInterview of this genious tea farmer using more than 40 cultuvars



– Exceptional teas from Kirishima

One year ago I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful day in Makizono, Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture right in the middle of the shincha period.


– Tales about japanese tea cultivars at the foot of (an invisible!) Mt. Fuji

It is a gorgeous November day, over 20°C (68°F) with a beautiful blue sky; the only clouds I can see are those maliciously hiding Mt. Fuji. I am in the valleys in the countryside around Fuji City, visiting Akiyama Katsuhide, many of whose teas I present in my selection.

– Interview with Hiruma Yoshiaki : Innovation and the Fragrance of Tea at Saitama

The brilliant tea producer from Saitama Prefecture, Hiruma Yoshiaki 比留間嘉章, agreed to answer my questions. Always among the winners in competitions, a hand-rolling (temomi 手揉み) artist, he is renowned for his senchas produced using a wilting technique that creates fragrance new to Japan.

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  1. Hi I am Gregory Lee an American who has lived in Japan before but now live in Dallas. I love Japanese green tea. I saw a video of you on an airline. I know that you sell high quality tea. Can you let me know the website? Thank you.

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