Benihomare black tea from Kameyama, 2nd flush

I mentioned in December the Benihomare black tea 1st flush from Kameyama, and also about this historic Japanese tea varietal that is Benihomare, so please refer to this article.

Here is now the summer version.


While the fragrance of the leaves of the spring tea was fresh, subtly sweet and fruity, that of this summer harvest is clearly more in the ripe fruit, however still elegant with its notes of almond and camphor.


This first impression does not deceive, the infusion giving fruit, sweetness, something that evokes honey but also lemon. There are also woody, peppery and slightly camphor notes (nothing comparable to a Benihikari yet). This camphorated feeling did not seem to me perceptible in the 1st flush, while we already found in it the fruit candies aroma type which are very close to the lemon and honey fruity aromas of this 2nd flush.

The overall impression in the mouth is very warm. This Benihomare is strong with a pleasant tannic sensation, not harsh or rough, but very present. So, after the dense impression on the nose, the presence on the palate is just as powerful. The 1st flush was very aromatic and rich, but relatively delicate, while this one, as a good 2nd flush brings much more punch.

It is therefore also excellent with milk.


Benihomare is very rare today. There is almost no remaining of the 1st flush in stock, do not miss this opportunity to compare.

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