Yamakai cultivar sencha from Tenryû

After Sayama-kaori cultivar from Tatsukawa in Tenryû (Shizuoka pref.), here is a Yamakai made by the same producer. The attentive reader knows how much I appreciate this varietal from the series # 7000, cultivars developed during the 60’s from Yabukita seeds, which also include varieties with very personal aromas like Kurasawa or Shizu-7132.
Yamakai is progressively disappearing, which is a shame because it is a variety that has a particular fruity fragrance really exceptional, and also enough umami.

This sencha has in common with the other productions of the same producer a nice sensation of fluidity in the mouth. It does not lack strength and also have good body with a balanced and pleasant umami. Infused a little strong, this sencha also gives a bit of astringency that causes an interesting contrast with the very sweet whole impression.
But above all, it’s very good typical Yamakai, very aromatic with this pastry perfume that evokes raspberry jam, and this impression of juicy and summer fruit.

These fruity aromas are then expressed in a gourmand retro-olfaction while the after is light and refreshing.
This sencha offers all the qualities of this exceptional Yamakai cultivar with also the pure, fluid and refreshing character of Tenryû teas.

I was expecting a lot of this tea and I was not disappointed … but by the very small quantities. While Takayama’s Yamakai is already almost sold out, and that of Ôma needs a maturation before release, you know what you have to do if you like Yamakai!ar

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