Sencha from Tenryû, Sayama-kaori cultivar

While the 2018 vintages of Japanese teas are arriving progressivly on Thés du Japon, here is a completely new tea, I never presented before.
It is a sencha from Tenryû, one of the famous Shizuoka mountain tea producing areas with Hon.yama and Kawane, by a young producer, Suzuki Shôgô, whose last year I presented the Oku-hikari, Inzatsu 131 and Kurasawa cultivars (the last two will return in the fall).
Today it is again a “good old” cultivar that I present with this Sayama-kaori. This cultivar created in Saitama (Sayama) from a seed of Yabukita and registered in 1971 is known for its fragrance but also its good resistance to cold. It is one of those few ancient cultivars other than Yabukita that has spread throughout the country. Today it became rarer and it is a shame, because it can be very interesting.
This is the case of this sencha from Tenryû, in which the flavors of this tea plant variety appear clearly.
It is a tea that will be good brew with hot water, at least 80 ° C.
First there is a strong woody fragrance, which evokes lichen, tree bark, but the impression remains above all sweet.

P1280555In the mouth, this sencha is characterized first by a great fluidity, a refreshing sensation that I find in all the teas of this producer. Then there are aromas of “perfume”, something that really evokes perfume, and that is characteristic of Sayama-kaori. Between the nose and the mouth, there is a tea really different from a Yabukita, with recognizable aromas, without being extravagant either. With almost no astringency, a touch of umami after, this sencha is refreshing, light but very aromatic.

P1280556This very aromatic character is even stronger on the following infusions, with very hot water. We then have a slight astringency on the 3rd infusion which gives a bit of sharpness to this tea, while the liquor remains fluid and refreshing.
This tea is, for me anyway, a delight, the first super surprise this 2018 season, at a very affordable price.


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