Benifûki cultivar black tea from Gokase

A few weeks ago I introduced here a very interesting black tea from Gokase by Mr. Miyazaki made from the Benihikari cultivar, and now (as promised) is a Benifûki first flush 2017 from the same producer.
One just have to put his nose in the bag: no doubt, fruity and slightly spicy scent, it is indeed a Benifûki, this major Japanese cultivar for black tea.
For this tea, it is possible to proceed as well a long classic infusion (2-3 min, 3-4 g of leaves for 150 ml of water) as well as multiple infusions, with less water and shorter, in a gaiwan for example.

The perfume is typical of Benifuki, fruity (apricot, banana, etc.), sweet and velvety.
The attack has enough impact but is not aggressive. The tea is very fluid in the mouth, but with a light and elegant astringency that I like to find in black teas. The impression is very aromatic, very rich, both in the finish and in the after. When cooling down, we find spicy aromas, again very nice.
If the multi-infusion method gives a less dense tea for the second and third infusions, it is still more fluid and the after-taste remains very rich. Also, citrus-like flavors appear.

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The general impression after tasting is that of a typical black tea, very pleasant and well-balanced, to be enjoyed without adding milk. It is also a black tea which highlights very well the characteristics of Benifûki, fruity in the aromas, but powerful with its sharp texture in the mouth.
For those who want to discover for the first time a Benifûki cultivar black tea, I will rather recommend first the one from Ashikita, but in the second place this black tea from ​​Gokase will be a good choice. But above all, I highly recommend the tasting of this Benifûki in parallel with the Benihikari by the same producer. These two black teas from Gokase will give a very good idea of ​​the characteristics and differences between these two black tea cultivars. They will also offer a lot of pleasure, each with different feelings.

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