Yabukita cultivar Sencha from Tamakawa

I just launched on Thés du Japon the latest news. Among these novelties, here is a sencha from Tamakawa (Hon.yama, Shizuoka) Yabukita cultivar.
Who says Tamakawa on Thés du Japon says teas from the Tsukiji estate. Since Mr. Tsukiji Katsumi left us, the young Kosugi Yoshiki has taken the succession in the Yokosawa factory to manufacture these beautiful teas, and Tsukiji’s wife continues to play an important role in the maintenance of plantations. Besides the great Tôbettô (Yabukita), I also propose a Kôshun, a Yamakai, and a Sôfû cultvars. Yokosawa-Ôsawa is a tea made by Mr Kosugi in the Yokosawa factory based on leaves, partly from the Tsukiji estate, but also from other producers (who therefore sell their fresh leaves directly at the Yokosawa factory) from the surrounding area. This new sencha is therefore, unlike Yokosawa-Ôsawa, a tea exclusively from the Tsukiji field, thus complementing the offer of cultivars present.
Also, from next season I intend to stop the Yokosawa in favor of this new Yabukita (higher end), but also because I would like to propose all the year (depending on the quantities available) the sencha from Tenryû-Misakubo by Mr. Fujinaga (same price range as Yokosawa), which I particularly like.

Here is a superb Yabukita, the leaves are rolled into long and thick needles, very deep green, typical and formidable manufacturing of the Tsukiji method. Their perfume is sweet and woody, it puts forth in appetite.p1220989
It is a tea that supports a broad spectrum of infusion temperature, but I think it is better to start with a temperature not too high, 70 ° C as a base, but it may be interesting to go down one little more.
Perfume is sweet, a little vegetable and woody, a bit of roasting, the whole is rich but very subtle and delicate.

In the mouth, the impression is especially soft and velvety, this liquor is extremely fluid, refreshing, with a tip of umami subtly dosed.
By increasing the temperature a little at each brew, this tea continues to produce always a fine and fluid liquor that let a delicate and sweet aromas on the palate.

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It is a Yabukita, so not to expect original and unusual aromas, but this sencha is a rare elegance, without any hitch in mouth. There is not the powerful attack of the other teas of Kosugi-san, this sencha is more feminine, with a tender and subtle liquor, a more discreet force revealed in the consistency of successive infusions.
Although it is a yabukita, this tea does not constitute a cheaper duplicate of Tôbettô, it is very different and deserves its place in the selection of Tamakawa sencha, showing once more that in mountain area, Yabukita remains an unchallengeable value.

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