Sencha from Mariko, Kôshun

Here is the 3rd 2016 sencha from Mariko I present this year after Kondô-wase and Kanaya Midori cultivars. If these three teas by Matsukawa Yôhei are all excellent, they are also all very different, though from the same mountainside.
This is the Kôshun cultivar which is known for its very personal aromas. It seems to me that this year it’s better than last year, with the a clearer sencha, where the typical flavors of this “variety” come out better.
The scent is soft, tender, without being sweet, without showing too much presence of roasting aromas. The subtle aromas are those of small wild flowers and herbs.

In the mouth too, this sencha is soft, the attack is mild without astringency on the first brew. This is especially in the after-taste that one could feel all these typical rustic and aromatic flavors of Kôshun without anything being aggressive.
In length, it remains in the mouth a very slight and delicate umami.
The second infusion has more impact, with astringency and bitterness, but herbs fragrances are also deeper. The after-taste is richer and more powerful, more gently with umami. By cooling a little, liquor acquires a sweet fragrance this time, very mellow.

This is a well-balanced sencha, where the characteristics of Kôshun appear clearly, but without too much emphasis.
I am very pleased to present a range of three teas from the plantations of Matsukawa-san on the sides of the small Mount Motoshuku. At its top there is a small temple with a statue of the Buddha Dainichi-Nyorai and a splendid yama-zakura cherry.

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