2015 Shizuoka : Yabukita cultivar sencha from Nihon-daira

I will finally keep 2015 Kondô-wase (here on Thés du Japon) for later to talk about a completely new Sencha on Thés du Japon: a Yabukita cultivar tea from Nihon-Daira 日本平.
Nihon-Daira is located in Shizuoka in the Suruga ward. It is an about 100 meters elevaton plateau, not far from the sea. It is a place that is famous as the birthplace of the famous cultivar Yabukita, developed and selected about 100 years ago by Sugiyama Hikosaburo. Yabukita is by far the most cultivated in Japan (3/4 of the cultivated area), and finally one of the best globally.

Mr. Urushibata tea bushes are not disoriented here.
The leaves are superb. Beautiful needles, long and thick. It exudes a fresh, sweet fragrance, soft but intense, that evokes fresh hay. The hi-ire is light.
P1140165 P1140204 P1140209
After a first infusion with simple parameters (4g, 70 ml, 70 ° C, 60s), a golden liquor is obtained, perfectly clear, sweet and fresh, but not “greenish”, with notes of nuts.
From the first attack, much sweetness spreads, swells and invested the mouth for very long. The after is powerful and very long.
This tea provides a velvety feel, not heavy despite a strong presence in the mouth. There is very little astringency and something very clean and clear.
P1140216The second infusion of this sencha let appear slightly more greenish aromas. Scent is now very light, but still sweet, slightly fruity (like fruit drops).
The astringency is discreet, but the liquor is more refreshing, always with a very smoothly after, and always a long length.

The third infusion shows different qualities. The scent is more present, more floral, almost recalling a feminine perfume; it is a very relaxing fragrance.
In the mouth no too strong astringency or another, and there is always a lot of length, certainly a little less mellow, but with additional floral flavors.

The fourth infusion is really quite delectable, but one could feel this is the last one for this sencha.
P1140226 P1140228
To conclude on this excellent Japanese tea from Nihon-Daira, Shizuoka, I would say this is not, as you understood, a tea that stun with incredible and unusual aromas. Nevertheless it is a sencha with something very catchy, which make you immediately want to return on it, to drink it again, and you know you will not get tired of it.
This is a sencha where everything is in its just place, delicious and perfect. Difficult to find defect (of course absolute “umami juice” lovers will pass their way), yet it is not boring at all. It is powerful, and its aftertaste is exceptional.
It is a model (it is not the only course) that makes you understand the Yabukita cultivar excellence, and the comparison with a similar priced Yabukita from mountainous area will be pretty interesting.

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