Young bizen-yaki potter, Baba Takashi

Takashi Baba is the third Bizen-yaki potter that I present on Thés du Japon. Nobuhara Katsushi, Yoshimoto Atsuo, then Baba Takashi. Three different styles of Bizen ware. Bizen-yaki could sometimes give a general impression of monotony, lack of diversity. Yet if with Nobuhara-san wa have indeed the classic Bizen style, gray clay by Yoshimoto-san are much less common. Similarly, Takashi Baba clearly stands out with its kuro-bizen (black earth with subtle nuances and sometimes blue, sometimes reddish, obtained by covering his pieces with a different clay very rich in iron) and its purple “yôhen” seems particularly striking. In fact, when I saw some of his works on the net, I was so impressed I immediately contact the association of Bizen potters in Inbe (the place of Bizen which happens to be the birthplace of Bizen-yaki) for details of this young potter.
Indeed, with these three potters, we have also three different generations. One is in his fifties, early forties for the second, and finally 31 for Baba-san. It is therefore a very young potter. I could add a 4th generation with Shuho, Yoshimoto Atsuo’s father.
P1240715 P1240719 P1240720 P1240723 P1240725 P1240729
Going back to our young potter, besides the cups and bowls found in his studio, a lot of eclectic objects, quite unusual shape, kinds of modern sculptures sometimes leaving not easily guess the functionality of the work. Indeed before continuing in the way of pottery like his father, Takashi studied sculpture in a very famous University of Fine Arts in Tokyo. Back in Inbe, this training certainly brought a wave of freshness allowing it to form its own Bizen-yaki style.

Here are some pictures of his cups available on Thés du Japon.

002-cup P1250001 P1250004 P1250007

003-cup P1240974 P1240986

P1240871 P1240879 P1240883 P1240888

P1240902 P1240910 P1240919 P1240926

P1240937 P1240943 P1240947 P1240950

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  1. This is a Great article. Thank you! Do you know if Baba Takashi has a website? I love the black vase (6th photograph down).

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