Landscapes in Tamakawa (Hon.yama, Shizuoka)

On the north of Shizuoka city Hon.yama, a mountainous famous tea producing area. Here’s a photo gallery of the Tamakawa district.

Harvest in Terao 寺尾

Tôbettô 東頭: (before harvest), a very hard way to the top. At 800 m, this is the highest plantation in Shizuoka. Hand harvest of course. By the way, the “monorail” is a kind of frightening experience !

I choose to get back walking…. i was not the only one.

And here the tea from Tôbettô !

Thanks to those who guide me in this splendid area, and to Mr. Tsukiji, the owner of the Terao field and Tôbettô.

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